Pavers (Cabro)

Anybody who has driven on paving block ‘cabro’ surfaced driveways and parking can attest to the aesthetic beauty.

This finishing is desired by developers and business owners as its additional value can attract more customers and at a higher price.

Paving blocks are concrete products that are easy to manufacture and at any location as long as there is adequate space and water.

This has made the use of paving blocks widespread. However, with easy entry and exit into this business, many untrained and unscrupulous business-people have infiltrated the trade, lowering the quality of the blocks and the final works done using them.

To avoid this disappointing eventuality, you need to know what to look for when buying the blocks and during construction of the driveway or parking.

The blocks are made of cement, sand, and ballast with water. To ensure the blocks are strong enough to carry vehicular loading, the mixing must be done in the right ratio and adequate curing for at least seven days.

Only river sand is allowed and any other materials must go through rigorous test before acceptance.

If quality control is not done properly, the blocks will wear away fast due to rainfall and break due to vehicle loading.